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We will be going through the ground of the neural network algorithm structure by building a color shade predictor, using artificial single layer architecture written in javascript, without any external libraries.

The goal of this publication is to briefly introduce you to the neural network algorithm structure without deep dive into the optimization potential, different strategies, and advanced examples of neural network structure. …

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We will discuss shortly and by javascript example what is a genetic algorithm and how to build one in a few steps. It will be a basic introduction, just to understand principles, as you will see afterward it can be used in various situations with small adjustments for the particular task.

Genetic algorithms are commonly used for optimization and search problems. Where otherwise the solution algorithm would lead to simple iteration cycles that in some cases can grow exponentially or just have a bad performance.

You can see the algorithm that we will build in action just click on…

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Optimizing Your Development Workflow

Recently, the Firebase team released the Firebase Local Emulator Suite, where you can play and test with your data without being afraid of production changes. It’s still in the early stage, but has a very cool UI and basically mirrors everything you need for development.

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