• Myrick Chow

    Myrick Chow

    🇭🇰 _Hong Kong App Developer; Android, iOS & Firebase lover; Sharing & Writing can strengthen my knowledges!

  • Gergely Márton

    Gergely Márton

  • Nevin Katz

    Nevin Katz

    Developer at EDC • Tech & Science Writer • Editor of All Things Science. Subscribe at https://buttondown.email/nevkatz for article roundups!

  • Lakshay


  • Code for Humans

    Code for Humans

  • David James Mitten

    David James Mitten

    Front-end web developer, zombie destroyer, protein balls

  • Christian Kyony

    Christian Kyony

  • Damian Grasso

    Damian Grasso

    Writing insightful content about the theories and realities of business, design and technology. Follow me to receive my latest content!

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